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  • Design of theaters, halls, recording studios, meeting rooms, etc.
  • Floor Impact Sound and Sound Insulation measurements
  • Noise and vibration measurements (from small to large-scale plants)
  • Design of Acoustic Laboratories, Anechoic Chambers and Qualification Measurement 
  • Development of the double floor for collective housing
  • Study of the acoustic characteristics of the wooden playhouses (Pola Foundation for the promotion of traditional Japanese culture)


Mitsuru Yabushita

First Class architect. No.95354
Environment certified measurer. No. 5891

1972 Graduate in Architecture, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.
1972-1987 joined Tobishima Corporation (acoustic division)
1987-1997 joined Tobishima Corporation (design division)
1997 Established YAB Corporation
2000-2012 part-time teacher in Kanagawa University

Mitsuru Yabushita has over 40 years of experience working in acoustical and architecture design. In 1997 he established YAB Corporation as an acoustic and architect office. Mr. Yabushita stands for being highly experienced in a wide range of noise measurements, as well as for the design of a great number of halls, movie theaters and recording studios. In 1985-1986 he took part in the competition of the New National Theatre with Prof. Hans Hollein (Pritzker Prize) getting the second prize. He also participated in projects with international character as NEC factory in the Philippines (1995 to 1997), KBS studios (Korean Broadcasting System) in Korea (1997) and folk music theatres in Kazakhstan.

Antonio Sanchez-Parejo

Architectural Engineer
M. Eng. in Architectural Acoustics

2012 Graduate in Architectural Engineering, University of Granada, Spain
2013 Master in Architectural Acoustics, University of Granada, Spain
2011-2014 Part-time researcher in group SNADS, University of Granada, Spain
2014-2017.11 YAB Corporation

Antonio Sanchez-Parejo received his Master of Engineering in Acoustics at the University of Granada, Spain, in 2013. In 2011 he was awarded the Initiation to the Investigation scholarship in the interdisciplinary (Architecture, Structures, Seismology and Physics) research group SNADS (Signal and Numerical Analysis in Dynamical Systems) at the University of Granada. His studies and research were enriched with stays at Tongji University, Shanghai, China in 2012 and Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan in 2013. Since 2014 he has worked in Japan for the architectural and acoustic design company YAB Corporation, where his research interests include room acoustics, acoustic simulations, noise control and Japanese kabuki playhouses among others. Apart from Spanish, he can fluently speak English, Chinese and Japanese.

Company Profile

Company Name YAB Corporation
Address 246-35 Eda-cho, Aoba-Ku, Yokohama-shi, 225-0013 Japan
TEL 045-910-6774
FAX 045-910-6775
Email info(at)yab-onkyo.co.jp
Representative President:
Mitsuru Yabushita

1st Class architect. No.95354
Environment certified measurer. No. 5891
Founded 13th October, 1997
Capital 7,000,000 yen
First Class Architect
Office Registration
Kanagawa Prefectural Government No.10535
Registration of Measurement Certification Kanagawa Prefectural Government No. 53 (Sound Pressure Level)
Membership in Professional Societies Architectural Institute of Japan
Acoustical Society of Japan
JATET (Theatre and Entertainment Technology Association Japan)
Collaborators Sonora Technology, Imayo Creation
Main Clients ACT planning Co., Ltd, architecture WORKSHOP, Asano Taiko (Drum studio and music store), Azusa Sekkei Co., Ltd, EIFS JAPAN Co., Ltd, Eijiri Structural Engineers Co., Ltd, L.T.V Co., Ltd, Science and Technology Development Center Co., Ltd, Kanagawa University, Kajima Corporation Co., Ltd, Keiko Store Co., Ltd, The Japan Architectural Education and Information Center, Arts Space Factory Co., Sankyo Tateyama Inc., G works Co., Ltd, JYUKYO Group, Joetsu Environmental Science Center, Johetsu Industry Co., Ltd, Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd , Sonora Technology Co., Ltd, Totetsu Kogyo Co. Ltd, Nifco Inc, Nihon Kaiser, NIPPO Corporation, S. Hirai Architects & Associates, Hilti Corporation, Fujikura Gakki, Projects International Japan Inc, GE Healthcare, HOMAT HOMES, MHS Planners, Architects & Engineers, Yuka-Sansho Kenzai Corporation, Morihei Butai Kiko Co.,Ltd, Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd, Urban Renaissance Agency, Luckland Co.,Ltd,